Monday, August 7, 2006

Throw out to AP/Lit.

So some Beowulf progress.

I knit one pattern repeat and the first "carry-over" section this morning. I also did some math. One pattern repeat is about 3" in length (16 rows). I have 7 repeats planned altogether, thus 21". I have 4 "carry-over" sections, two of which are 8 rows, coming in at 1.5"(so yes, I have a grand 4.5" done). Add those two defined sections on to the pattern repeats, and I have 24" accounted for. I am 6', and I like to aim for the ratio between height and length of scarf to be 1:1. That means Those 2 remaining sections need to be a total of 48", or, 24" each. I may add some cabling into them as well, as 2' of ribbing doesn't appeal to me terribly, in conjunction with what I have going so far.

I intend to finish off the second pattern repeat this evening, and maybe start the first major "carry-over" section. But now I plan to enjoy the beautiful weather. Oh, and I have the same number of rows done in these photos as here. I think.

P.S. I apologise for the horrific photos, I'm going to try and sort that out this evening. But as I said, sunshine calls.

[EDIT] Photos fixed. And colours are the most true in my last post.


  1. I love that damn yarn.... it's so fab you could just hang the hank around your neck and it would look amazing. I guess a cabled scarf *could* work, too. :-)

  2. Math? Yikes! Are those figures pre-blocking or post-blocking? ;-)

    Purty pictures, yes!!

  3. I'm not going to lie. I have never actually knit anything that really required blocking to date. Don't scare me, I know it's coming in due time.

  4. omg, are you kidding me? i have blocked EVERYTHING i have ever knitted. maybe that's because i was just told i HAD to by those who taught me to knit. hmmm. maybe just to defy my elders i shall NOT block my next project!!!

    oh, btw....ok. i admit, the very FAR from chaotic pattern you are doing looks BEAUTIFUL with that yarn.

  5. "those who taught me to knit"... I think I shall post about just who taught me to knit, and how. Maybe you'll understand my lack of "proper technical awareness".

    And I am really liking how the scarf is turning out so far, thanks.


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