Thursday, September 28, 2006

I am squishing your head.

So. Damn. Gah. Yay. Blast. Huzzah. Stop staring at me.

That sums up my last few days of knitting. (apparently I can draw attention by knitting on campus. It makes me friends!)

I'm trying to adapt Knitty's Lickety Split to my big feet. I've cast on for the large toe cap about 3 times now. And I think I've got it down. I'm now working on the big toe cap. Or I would be if my co-worker hadn't taken ill, thus requiring me to go to work on my one day off.

I've also become addicted to LimeNViolet, they have topped DFA 1979 on my knitting list. I listen to them on campus, and even at my best, I can't fully muffle my laughter and giggles at their podcast. Add that to me showing countless emotions over a sock, and well, I'm a big of a spectacle. They also have a forum at I am a member, it is fun. Go give them some love.


  1. Purple & red tabi socks? Nice !!

    I'm picturing you knitting little thingys and then, to see if they fit, taking off your shoes and socks and trying them on ... on campus. Or would that be drawing too much attention? ;-)

  2. Lol @ davE! I just downloaded that podcast, i've yet to listen to it tho....


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