Monday, September 25, 2006

SPC September -- 03

...I definitely just deleted a huge post. Beans...

Here is my grandmother and I. I'm too frustrated to retype it all.


  1. I love this shot. The matching yellow in your grandmas hat and the flowers, the discrepancy of your size and the heigt of the flower...everything is so perfect. great shot. it needs no words.

  2. love these photos and wish i had some of my grandma and myself! sorry we missed your words.

  3. These are wonderful photos. I could pick them apart and tell you all I like about them, but I would go on and on. ::smile::

    Suffice it to say that they are terrific. (And your grandmother is so darling!)

  4. I really like both these photos, but especially the first one where you and your grandmother are just appearing around the sunflower stalk. Very cool!

  5. I'm finding myself posting after BZ alot this week and agreeing with his thoughts for each post.

    Agreed that the pictures need no words.

    Blogger was misbehaving for me last night and this morning, too.

    Just like everything else, I suppose; I love it when it works, but when it eats one of my posts, it's frustrating. Thanks for persevering with the pics, at least.

  6. Thanks all (if you read this again, I accidentally deleted the e-mails before replying, sorrrrry). It's been a really high-stress week or so, and it's got a ways to go before it quiets down, and I just did not have the mental faculties to fight with the computer.

  7. OH. MY. GOD.
    amazing photos.
    thanks for sharing, that made my night.

  8. I hate to break it to you, son, but those aren't beans. Just kidding, I can't even grow beans.

  9. hehehee -- yes, the marvels of technology!

    I saw another blogger that had a huge sunflower too... they sure are growing tall this year on the coast. Must have been a good season. Actually, all our trees here are producing the most fruit and seeds ever --- something's afoot!

    Gra'mas are so cool!


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