Sunday, November 26, 2006

BAddi Turbos

I know the hype, I even caved that one time. But tonight was the eve of judgement for my Addi Turbos. I know it's bad to pass judgement so quickly, that I should give them more time... Sorry St. Brenda, sorry to all you Addi fans, but they don't work for me. I knit FUNNY. I usually have one end of my working needle braced againts my belt, chest or stomach, depending on if it's straight or a DPN, and on the weight of my clothing. It's HORRIBLE form, and I really would like for someone to re-train me with a less back/neck damaging method. As a result, I'm used to that braced, lopsided, left needles waving around in the air technique. I don't think I can use circular needles. At all. Which is fine for now, I like DPNs, but it limits me from sweaters, large lace projects, etc... Also, Addi Turbos are small, so very very small. I present photographic evidence of the needle to hand ratio below. I can barely get a grip, let alone try to knit at any reasonable gauge with these things. I feel a right fool.


  1. Never used addis... I stick to cheapo susan bates needles.

    I like to smash my needle in my waist when I knit too, so I know what you mean when the needle is too small. I've had to learn not to do that so much when I use circulars.

  2. Tee-hee - You need MAN SIZE needles. No worries - you'll have no problem unloading them on other knitters!

  3. in truth, i don't like addis either--not pointy enough.

  4. hmmm. interesting thought....perhaps i hear the beginnings of a "men's line" of knitting needles in development here?!?

  5. I bought the Lime and Violet glass needles recently and like them. I think they are pointier than Addis and they might work for you. Hope you weren't caught in the Big Snow!

  6. Ummm... well, yes, Michael, those needles are smaller than you are used to using -- umm -- but they are SUPPOSED to be small like that! I know how hard it is to UN-learn something and then learn it in a new way.

    While I like using circulars, I did find that some brands do not fit my hands either. There are some that are longer in the tips, so they work better for me. We each have to find the ones that work for me.

    The only thing I like about the Addis are that they are SOOOO smooth! I mean, there is nothing nicer than having those needles just glide right through your stitches without the slightest of friction. And that is the major disadvantage as well. You almost feel like you can knit like ligthenting! But it's so easy to lose a stitch as well, if you don't have good control of them.

    Yes, some of the points can be a bit too blunt, especially if you are knitting lace and you have too much tension on your yarns, making a K3tog nearly impossible to do! But for some work, they are just ideal. I do like their joins though.

    The moral of this story: Find the tools that work for YOU, and make the most of them.

  7. If circular needles don't suit, there is another option, at least for knitting sweaters in the round. Try or for 40cm (16") DPNs and knitting belts. (Couldn't find a supplier in Canada, but both of those do international mail order.)

    Haven't tried the belts myself, but the long DPNs are fine once you get used to them.


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