Friday, December 1, 2006

Love Thyself!

My ears are cold!
"Good for them" I hear you say.

Anyway, we've had quite a bit of a cold snap for the last week, but due to the end of term, I have had NO time to knit. But I had my last class today, and the cold front is passing, so now I can knit, baby!

I'm cooking up a fair isle ear flap hat for myself. That being said, if anyone has any good info on decreases for hat shaping (mostly rate of decreases), I would love to know (I'm working with 120 stitches around at the widest bit right now). I'm doing all the designing on my own at the moment (referring to the odd pattern for ratios), and gosh is it fun!


  1. It's looking good! I usually just do k2tog decreases every other round. If you do it every round it makes the decrease edges stand up I've found. I haven't tried any other decrease methods, I'd be interested to see what you try!

  2. it's looking nice so far!!

    in general, this is what i have been doing when not following a specific pattern - after 6"-7" of the hat, i start the decreasing in this sequence:
    Row 1: * k4, k2 tog*.
    Row 2 and every other even row *k*.
    Row 3: * k3, k2 tog*.
    Row 5: * k2 ,k2 tog*.
    Row 7: * k1,k2 tog*.
    Row 9: * k2 tog *.

    of course, i modify depending on the stitch pattern i am doing.

  3. Lucky you for being out of classes already! I have 12 days until I am out! Spend some time knitting for me...

  4. mmmmm..... looks fun! i can't w8 to start fair isle :)

  5. It was 16 degrees in Toronto when your west coast cold snap hit! Of course, things have evened themselves out now, weather-wise, and I can no longer be smug... (especially looking at you rockin' the fair isle!) As for decreases - check out the 'Math for Knitters' podcast - she's got lots of great hat tips:

  6. "Bit of a cold snap"???????HA!!!!!I'm still digging out in Saanichton :}
    Stay warm!


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