Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I knew it.

You know what Murphy, you can go in the other room and... well, you know, and you can do it alone.
Do I hear someone inflating an air mattress? I guess you DO spend enough time on my back that it's easier to move it, cut out the commuting.

[copied from the LimeNViolet messageboards]
To fudge or to completely redo, from the very very beginning (possibly regraphing and all), but do it all properly?

-my gauge tightened up from 5st/inch to 6st/inch over what was supposed to be a cylinder, and it is now much more conical. (this can be countered by running a yarn through alllllll the stitches on the bottom edge and cincing them in just a little, it was done slightly in the photo, as I was expecting my hem to pull in more than it did, I can also try the hem again)
-my hem is completely wrong. well, not completely, but it IS an afterthought hem. (I now know the proper way to do these, and if I restarted, I would use and intentional hem, likely somethin a-la Zimmerman)

Those are the two main issues, and I am not sure whether to fudge it and deal, or frog and go again. As a side note, this took under one ball of each colour, and I happened to buy two balls, so I could knit it fresh from those (I don't know if I want to see more of these colours though - I could exchange them for two new colours). I am also not sure whether knitting at the tighter (more natural for me, apparently) gauge is enough, or whether I need to reduce the stitch count (5-6st/inch, 120 stitches).

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  1. wait, are you still talking about the greek key earflap ( or no flap) hat? or is this a different project...

    i am curious about an edging method as well, i am not happy with the crochet edge i did on my earflap hat. if yours still has no earflaps and just a straight edge, it could be cute to pick up the edge stitches and knit so the stitches along the border will go horizontal instead of vertical like the rest of the hat.


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