Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Jeremiah was a bull-

frog. But he ain't no friend of mine.
I can't do it, no degree of fudging will make this work. The only possibility would be unpicking the cast-on edge, ripping backwards to a certain point and going from there, but I think it'll be simpler just to redo the whole thing, properly this time. It might have to wait for a while, exams now have priority, and I might be quiet for a while because of that.

Until I am sane and back (wish me luck with Russian and Latin), I'll just post this and say that I've ordered a skein, and am sending good boobie vibes (see the limenviolet messageboards for context there).

See you on the 17th! (unless studying goes easily for once)


  1. Thanks again for the package, I ate the dark chocolate/dark chocolate one already and it was heavenly!

    Sometimes, starting over is the only way. It's worth it, if you are really happy with it in the end. :) I am about to completely frog a hat I knit a few months ago and start over with the addis! =D

    Good luck with studying and your exams!

  2. Sorry, just couldn't get away with wishing you good luck with the Latin. My daughters go to a Classical school and have been fighting the good fight in Latin for four years now. Final project for my 15 yr. old is writing an essay about Cicero in Latin. And, as she says, she doen't even like Cicero! Me, all I can say is: Knit vel adepto sicco! Good luck with your exams.


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