Saturday, December 2, 2006

Knit to Kamelot/Dragonforce/Edguy...

So last time I only showed my gauge swatch, which by the way, apparently was yesterday. I'm through my first major motif now (not even 15 rows, but about 2"), and it is zipping along (about... 2 hours time-wise so far). I know that means that Murphy is waiting to barge in with his second clause: Too Good To Be True. But for now, I am in denial, and am producing an amazingly soft (and hopefully as warm) greek motifed merino earflap cap.

I'm happy with it so far, but there is much to do yet.

That being said, anyone know any neat "pick-up-and-knit" edgings that will take care of the stockinette curl? (seaming the edge over by a stitch or two is also a possibility, I don't mind the added bulk around the edge)

If I keep this up, more tomorrow!


  1. It's looking great! Nice Fair-Isle motif :)

  2. As for edgings to offset the stockinette curl: the last FI hat I did was from a pattern (kudos to you for just charting out as you go along like this!). The pattern had me knit a 3-4" facing out of mercerized cotton that was actually also st st, but it folded to the inside. The effect was to straighten out the stockinette as well as to provide a band of cotton (instead of wool) against my forehead so that the itchy wool (not the softest) didn't touch me.

    I found the FO post, in case you need a visual. In these pictures, the facing is folded up like a brim, but you can see how it whips that stockinette into shape. Speaking of shape, this hat is totally unblocked. I think I lost it before I ever blocked it, thanks to the nice neighbors who knew my car doors didn't lock in cold weather.


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