Friday, January 19, 2007

Let's Play

Thank you Shash for calling us all out to play the other day, this is my contribution.

So, what was going on while I was taking this photo...
I actually took it yesterday, as I (corectly) anticipated a busy one today. It was taken in the late afternoon.
The same time the day before, the view outside my window was mostly snow-covered. Some rain took care of that.
It was dead quiet. Thursday's are my day off, my father was at my work, my brother at school, and my mother out for coffee with friends. I love this house when it is (rarely) quiet.
Those salt shakers were picked up in Quebec by my father and brother on a bike trip last spring, and I love them, so fun.
The fern was given to me by a childhood friend a few years ago. We are not really in touch much anymore.
There was also a laptop and a stack of picture books on the dining room table, I was working on the paper for my Art Education class.
Speaking of the table, we have had it for longer than I can remember, but we are getting it replaced. The new table was inspired by 5 table legs that belonged to a table my great-grandfather had (apparently) and will be used in it. The table in the photo will become mine, I have needed a real workspace for a long time.
I love working in the main room, but I usually can only get it every week or two for a few hours (public space and all). It is much nicer than my bedroom in the basement with no natural light.

It's been fun playing, and I suggest you go check out Shash's site, and I hope you all play along too, if you can. I plan to do this every week if I can.

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  1. yay! i'm glad you'll be playing regularly. i plan on it too. thanks for sharing!


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