Thursday, January 18, 2007

I Like My Coffee Like Me: Bitter.

So I picked up the Snow Tigers and knit the first 3 rows of colourwork. The gaps between fingers looked worse on this one, I can't remember if I did anything different last time... It was the first time I've even touched yarn since Saturday, but I don't seem to have forgotten how to knit... I don't think my knitting mojo is fully back though.

And because this is in the background of that photo, I figured I may as well show it. It's ink on canvas board. I did a few like it, just started smooshing the ink around with a scruddy old brush until I got an idea, then ran with it and started refining the image. Until a few days ago, it was buried under a huge pile of junk on my floor. Normally I am never happy with my 'real' art work (I do not consider my knitting to be art, it is something else), but this guy makes me grin for some odd reason. I think it is his eyebrows, nose and teeth. Hmm, I also unearthed a small series of ink drawings I did last year in my French class (and one or two in English). I don't know if they are really what anyone who reads this are into, but I might put them up over the next few days, as I kind of want to do something with them.


  1. The knucks are looking good!!! and I am in awe of your art <333

  2. nice illustration!! i'd LOVE to see your other drawings. so inspiring, perhaps you will kick me back into doing "art".


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