Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Red Riding Hood as The Thrice Told Tale: An Apparently Alliterative And Assonant Analysis

I just handed a paper in today, and save for a physiotherapy appointment and some scrambling to get some preliminary research cobbled together for a course on Friday, I shall have some time to knit and to blog. I hope. I have been feeling really... not terribly well put together lately, which has impacted school, and of course, knitting. The first Snow Tiger is done, as are the knucks of the second (which are joined, and waiting for me to show some love and get going on the colourwork). I am still very much worried that they will not fit, but time will tell.

I really like this idea by Shash over at Mecozy. I hope to give it a go (maybe make it a recurring theme if I like), and I hope you all try it as well.

I promise to try to make this blogspace a little more interesting in the forseeable future.

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  1. Hi, I'm de-lurking. Found you on L&V message board. :-)

    This thing at Mecozy sounds like a fun idea!


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