Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hullo there. I bound off Basketcase a day or two ago, and am on the hunt for blocking materials that I might be able to borrow, as I have none of my own.

Have some photos of unblocked lace, please?





I am on the side of 'quite chuffed' with this project currently. Fingers crossed that I get it blocked ANYwhere in the near future.

Also, some yarn that fought it's way into my bag the other day.


I do love me some Mission Falls (it's a bit warmer in person). This is slated for the bear hat. I think I'll just knit the hat, affix (pick up stitches for?) the ears and... I'm not sure if I'm going to do any muzzle shaping or not yet. Ehhh, I'll think about it after work.

I am having a very hard time not casting on for the Swallowtail Shawl (Fall 2006 IK), because, well, the Sea Silk I have is just gawgeous. Wish me self-control!

As a final note, I shall remind ye all of this,


  1. wow, that looks amazing!! i can't wait to see it after it's blocked. i have been on the lookout for a good pattern for my first lasce project, and yours looks like a good contender!!

  2. Well done, you have every right to feel proud of yourself.

  3. Oh wow that is gorgeous! I love the color, and you did such an amazing job for a first lace shawl! (And this puts my sloooooow progress on Kiri to total shame.)

  4. Oh this is realy gorgeous, i love it!!

  5. Gorgeous! I love the colorway you chose. Can't wait to see it blocked!

  6. Hey Micheal,

    Pretteh lace!!

    I'm looking at doing a bookswap between knitters and was wondering if you'd be interested. Details (though there aren't many yet) onmy blog!

  7. Self control? What's that? Basketcase looks beautiful. Love the color.

  8. i think i'm going to have to dig up my copy of IK. i've got 4 oz of alpaca laceweight begging to be used after 2 years marinating in thes tash (or is it 3, i can't remember any more). thanks for the heads up!

  9. Really nice work! I can't help with the blocking materials - I usually use the "T" pins and the spare bedroom bed method. So, do we get to know who gets the shawl?

  10. Blocking? Check this out:
    And you lucky guy!! The Harlot is coming to your town THIS week -- you got front row seats, didn't you?
    Sadly, she is not coming here - again - this year. Put in a good word, will you? I need to ask her something --

  11. The shawl looks so great unblocked, I can't wait to see it when it's blocked! I'm still trying to finish my gigantic lace shawl excursion...I think it might be a long time still.

    And I love me some Mission Falls 1824 Wool too, it's great stuff :)

  12. Pretty, pretty lace! Can't wait to see the blocked result.


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