Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reasserting Self Control

I will not go plunk myself back down in front of the TV and knit the last repeat on Basketcase before the edging (err, I might still add one more repeat, but I'm not thinking so currently). I will not be swayed by the lacey goodness on the couch. I will go to bed because I have to work and function tomorrow. You cannot sway me with your yarny siren song!

That being said, no photos because it is now a yet-larger beard cozy. And my LYS has a blocking mat that it seems I might be able to use. Which is good. Because I have, well, no blocking materials. As in none. As in... I have never blocked anything yet.

This Foolishness is brought to you by the rush of lace knitting when it doens't go wrong. Now I need to go huff some yarn, I have some Seasilk set aside just for that. I mean, I'm going to go read.

(and I still haven't started on the bear hat, but we're getting there)


  1. You've been tagged! Visit my blog for the 411. And have a nice day.

  2. Hey there! Thanks for giving me a mention on Lime & Violet! I appreciate it!

  3. Ah, yes, the rush of lace knitting when everything clicks. I remember that, but have somehow migrated to sock knitting ever since I really got into listening to Lime & Violet.

    Your Basket shawl looks lovely so far. I'll bet it's going to look amazing when you block it!


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