Sunday, November 11, 2007


Ok. News. I grabbed the 'Filigree Shawl' from Alpaca with a Twist, and enough skacel Merino Lace to knit it. I am not sold on the yarn, it's too... flat (the yarn is a beautiful sage green, but it is completely solid, and I need some variety, baby!) So I am going to explore the other yarn store tomorrow in hopes of finding something more to my liking, or, if not, I might try to overdye the yarn just to add some depth, nothing crazy. (also, I might alter the pattern a bit, add something to the main squares, because you know, it's not hard enough as is or anything). And I need to get the yarn for tomorrow, because the day after I am hoping to head on a mini road trip up-island (just overnight) to unwind for two days, no computer, just my knitting, good local food, and maybe a travelling companion.

Also, Tomten photos! I will sya now that I am not super keen on these photos, but they will do the job (and I will attempt to get more, we are just out of sun lately). Er, I will do a complete FO write up tomorrow hopefully (cross your fingers for at least oooooone good photo)








  1. Great Tomtem!

    You're doing the Filigree? Holy crap. I bought that pattern and filed it -- kind of scary. I'm looking forward to watching your progress.

  2. Lace knitting is just excellent for the budget knitter, isn't it? Miles and miles of happy knitting fun, but less overall weight than sweaters and whatnot. Sadly, I don't have the patience for following a chart, but I get the appeal. I've cast on a number of lace patterns, and I always enjoy the rhythm and zen-like concentration of the experience. Until it makes me crazy, and I take it out and vow never to do lace again.

    Gorgeous Tomten. EZ is a life changer. (Or at least a knitting-life changer).

  3. Though I'm a fan of EZ in general, and I love her techniques, I was never a fan of the look of the baby surprise or totem jackets - until now! That's the nicest totem I've seen - good work!

    Also - totally admire your attitude about changing things to your liking - even when it makes things more difficult for you. Do you fear nothing, young knitter?

  4. Awesome! Great color choices. The stripes work out so well. ^_^

  5. Spiffy! And the babe will glow in the dark!

  6. Michael, your Tomten looks awesome! I really want to make one of these, if not just for the exercise in geometry. :)

  7. Oh my gosh It's soo cute!! The little picot hems are adorable. Nice!

  8. dayum. looks good, sir! did u do something fancy around the cuffs?????

  9. OHHH Look at does! Cute totem jackets! Loving the color here!

  10. Excellent work! I'm truly impressed by the quality and the attention to detail. You should be very happy with that.

    Lace is fun to do, but can get very boring. It's something you keep on hand for when you want mindless knitting, and you always have a couple of more interesting projects going at the same time. For sometimes we all need a little peacefulness!


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