Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Geez, by the sounds of things, you might think I haven't been knitting at all!
In fact I am done everything on the Tomten except for zipper bands (for which I need the zipper, you'll see why), and seaming the second sleeve (which I intend to do tomorrow). Since it is so so so close, I want to hold off and give y'all a real FO.
Just so this space stays semi-active, have a little wintery picture (hope you don't mind, Miss Kaity)


Oh, and I have been doodling variations of these little guys for a while now, but I can't shake the feeling that they are not mine! If you have seen anything like them on any other artists blog, ever, do let me know, I can't find where I would have got them, but I would love to give due credit if I stole them.


  1. well either way, they're hella cute. can't wait to see the tomten.

  2. i was just wondering if the wodles are yodeling.

    words are hilarious.

  3. They remind me a *little* of the Shmoos in a long-ago Lil Abner comic strip. They were good to eat!


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