Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Just ripped the semi-secret project, and need to go and rip the super-secret project.

I try to avoid complaining, but dude? This week kind of sucks.

Ooh, also, thank you everyone for the wonderful comments on the shawl. My grandmother loves it.


  1. Exam weeks usually do suck and the weather is not helping much. (good knitting weather today though, so I suppose that's good at least) Too bad about having to rip back your knitting - hope it turns out alright.

  2. When I finish this comment I have to go rip back an inch on a cobweb lace shawl. I didn't make a mistake -- it got snagged...f$#%!

    Sometimes it's hard to get sympathy when you are ripping back. But I feel for you. Good luck.

  3. hey, i feel you ... i am working on koolhaas, and i am almost done, in the middle of shaping the crown, when i found that i screwed up somewhere. not fun to rip back a few rows of a pattern with a lot of cabling action. BUT...better than starting over i guess. good luck with your projects!

  4. Sorry about all the frogging, but I am glad to know that I am not the only one suffering that malady at the moment.


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