Monday, December 24, 2007

Ring a bell?

If this speaks to you, you know you're a knitter.


One mate-less sock finished on the 24th.

Doesn't mean I can't have fun with it though! Hope everyone is well, and has a happy and safe year-end wrap up.



ooh, and in response to Diana (I'm sorry I didn't post sooner!) the error in the POTW stole is that as written, Chart B for the edging contains an error. The second-to-last stitch of rows 9, 11, 13 and 15 should be marked as a k2tog.


  1. Ooh Michael, It's pretty! Make it's Mate!!!

  2. Nice sock. Probably lonely so you need to make another one so the first one will have someone to "talk with".

  3. it is beautiful. i love the colours!

  4. i dont know that i will ever make a pair of matching socks. or two of anything that are exactly the same. i have trouble with symmetry.

    but i wish you luck with the second-sock-syndrome.

  5. Hello Michael,
    I love, love, love the colors. Sock puppets are fun aren't they !!!

  6. Second Sock Syndrome is why I try, if possible, to do both socks at the same time (I'm a magic looper by preference). It's a bit slower, and if the heel needs to be worked over more than 50% of the stitches it can be a finicky business rearranging those stitches, but it's worth it to cast off and then wear the damn pair of socks, as opposed to wearing one sock while you knit the other one, all the while dreaming of the time it's done instead of enjoying the knitting you're doing.

    The Second Sock: The knitting equivalent of fantasizing about attractive celebrities while you make love to your spouse.

  7. Second Sock syndrome starts for me when I am eyeing up the sock I am currently working on and figuring out how much actual sock I have to complete before I can turn the heel. I am SURE that most people like short socks . . . really . . .

    BTW, where's the YouTube video of that handsome sock puppet?


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