Monday, April 14, 2008

In which the sun shines... sporadically

First, business.
I really mean to keep this well updated and documented, but Exam Brain got to me and well... I know the last you saw was a swatch, but now I am ready to knit the shoulder saddles...
At this point, I think I'll just talk more about it later. Well, one thing: holy crow, I could be ready to steek tonight. Ahhhh!


The weather was gorgeous over the weekend. Today, it has been somewhat undecided. Gloriously sunny one moment, but the next thing I know, I'm drenched and I remembered why wet jeans and bicycles are not good friends.

That being said, The Wee Ones took advantage of Saturday's sun and had themselves a little Spring barbecue!


I think my invite must have gotten lost in the mail (or under the piles of paper and clothes in my room.)


Looks to me like the pool lifeguard is dozing off...


Hey, what's that pooch doing in there! Oh, probably the doggie paddle, I guess...

Have a good week everyone!


  1. Ahh! Steeking! If I could, I would be there for moral support!

    And you know I love the Wee Ones.

  2. Good luck with the steeking! :s *wibbles*

    Love the BBQ shots as well.. Not quite the weather here for it unfortunately.

  3. I ***love*** these shots you do. Just sayin' - they are awesome! :)


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