Wednesday, August 9, 2006


Well, Beowulf progresses (photos tomorrow evening maybe). I am a little short on yarn, but it is by no means crippling (I will check with the LYS tomorrow mornign, just in case). Also on the Beowulf front, what does the peanut gallery say, should I decrease to a point at each end, or (what just came to me a minute ago) a flat end, perhaps half to one-third the width of the body of the scarf? I'm thinking it mgiht flow better with the pattern (points seem out of order), and it would save yarn, which I'm worrying about a little bit, unless I find more tomorrow.

In other news, a darling friend of mine, Ms. H(anoi), said to me today, as we were ambling along the waterside: "You know, if you've got some spare time, you could maybe make me some piano gloves?" "Piano gloves" is apparently code for fingerless gloves. In fact, wristwarmers, with thumb gusset, which has a key benefit over knuckle-length fingerless gloves: there is no extra bulk between the webbing of one's fingers. Tomorrow morning I go hunting for Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, which I do believe I have seen just down the way from me. Wish me luck!

[EDIT] Because I am brilliant, I forgot to say I will be making 'Fetching' from the latest Knitty for Ms. H.

Also, does anyone know where I can find ratios for different decreases? (like, what is the slope difference between decreasing at the start of every row and decreasing at the start and end of each row)

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  1. I vote for a slightly tapered end rather than points.


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